So why do I belong to two camera clubs? A good question indeed. The initial reason was due to the infancy of my position as Programme Secretary of Earl Shilton Camera Club (ESCC), I wanted ideas, I wanted to see how other camera clubs run. For that reason the decision to join Leicester Forest Photographic Society (LFPS) was successful. I’ve got speakers and ideas from LFPS which I’ve brought to ESCC. Moreover, from a personal point of view, I was already tired of ESCC peer voting system. I needed something else where I felt appreciation was lacking from my photography. Sure enough this also has been fulfilled. I have tried to keep my photographs separate, but obviously there has been some cross over but nothing that has compromised either club. In fact it is common practice it seems if you live out of Leicester to be a member of two clubs, so it is certainly no big deal at all. Also I really do think it has sharpened my photography. If I had solely stayed at ESCC I wonder what would have happened. Nevertheless due to peer voting, there is clearly favouritism and political voting within the ranks which I dislike. No matter how many rules are in place it is difficult to stop. With judge voting, at least the critique is from a person who has experience and has seen many many images to know what’s good and what’s bad even if the result is unexpected. Camera club photography is different. It is considered more of an art than purely the taking of photos. No one will tell you that, it only comes with experience. I like both clubs. I enjoy the competitive nature at LFPS with so many competitions. It fulfils my competitive streak. At ESCC I want to see the club get better. The facilities, apart from the projector, are excellent. However we are stuck between 2 members who are the special ones and 2 new members who wannabe the champs, and some members don’t like it! I must confess I am under-performing at ESCC considering my success at LFPS. I have considered quitting ESCC altogether. I have already relinquished the Programme Secretary role for 2013/14 onwards. But I feel I must give it one more shot. The ambition at LFPS remains high. Yes I would like to get into Group A but is my photography edgy enough? Too much chocolate box, not enough people/manipulation?

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