Monday morning usually involves an unwanted alarm call, rushing around, racing down the M69, crawling along the A46 towards Suicide Island (Toll Bar End R/B) and then the helter skelter world of IT with it’s unnecessary P1 tasks, ID.10.T users who forget their passwords they changed on Friday and HM users who demand the world (we only sell cardboard boxes for heaven sake). But this morning I was out of the van (that’s caravan at Sunny Hunny) by 4.45am and off to Thornham to catch the sun’s first rays of “Golden Light”, amber nectar illuminating the harbour with it’s marshes and old boats. Pure heaven. Then a long walk to Holme dunes to see the sea, the wind, the sand and most of all the silence. It’s was just me, the elements and a few of nature’s winged friends. All before breakfast. That’s a magic Monday not a manic Monday.