Macy - A model for the Frank Doorhof demo

Macy – A model for the Frank Doorhof demo

I decided to visit the UK’s biggest photographic show, Focus on Imaging, at the NEC Birmingham.  Due to the nature of my job, it’s a free ticket for me!!  I’d done some pre show planning to see who was talking when and on which stands.  Twitter and the dedicated F-O-I website certainly helps to plan your day.  I think this helps you get the most out of it otherwise you’ll end up walking around aimlessly looking at all the trade stuff, bemoaning that you cannot afford anything and then reliasing you’ve missed seeing someone you wanted to see.  So plan your day, use a diary to enter the times of the events, and this will allow you to get the most out of it.  In the morning I caught up with fellow camera club members and got my bearings where all the stands were.  In the afternoon, I was going to catch David Noton on the Canon stand, but the queue was ridiculous so I passed that and went for lunch.  In the afternoon highlights were Mark Pain’s Olympic images on the Nikon, he’s good, Karl Taylor demostrating some still life techniques, he’s also good and Frank Doorhoff, demonstrating creative portrait shoot tips on the Flash Centre stand.  He’s also really good  I think it maybe the sort of thing that doesn’t warrant an annual event.  I’m sure in places, is it a bit samey.  There is not enough there for the beginner nor the expereinced pro.  Targeting enthauists, semi-pros and new pros I guess.  I did managed to get a free A2 print from which was really cool.  Parking at the NEC is its usual rip-off, £10. But it is a great space to host events like this.  I would love to see a UK/European Photoshop World here, now that would be cool!!

Frank Doorhof photographing a model on his session

Frank Doorhof photographing a model on his session.