Book Making and Sequencing Workshop

November saw an opportunity to attend a Book Making and Sequencing Workshop by the Master Photographer John Blakemore. Nottingham was the destination of the 2 day workshop to learn the skill of sequencing the photographs and then the art of bookmaking to show the images in their most natural context.

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The Exmouth Surfers

Whilst away on Business in the Exeter area, I’d thought I’d take a trip to nearby Exmouth.  There’s nothing like visiting the seaside when you are migrating users to a new system.  It takes you away from the everyday stresses and clears the mind.  The sea air, fish and chips, the sounds of the waves, oh and the sounds of gulls!!  It all helps. 

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The Epic Journey

On Saturday I decided to take the “scenic route” home from Inverness back to south west Leicestershire. Yes you read right, Inverness. For those of you who are not quite sure where it is, get an map of the UK, start at the top and you won’t have to go too far down the map to spot Inverness.Read More