On Sunday we were meant to take part in a studio session in Birmingham with a company called Ikon Studio. We got this through Groupon. All I can say is “What a scam”! We turned up for 11am start. The door was locked. There were around 9 of us all waiting. Others had tried to contact the studio but to no avail. On checking his website, this had totally changed since the beginning of the week and now resembled a movie review site. We have since complained to Groupon and ask for a full refund. When my partner and I went on a 2 day break to Llandudno earlier in the week, also organised through Groupon, the evening meal was the WORST I HAD EVER TASTED! So I’m not expecting much. Clearly when the owner doesn’t show. I’m considering unsubscribing to Groupon. It’s like cheap tat from a seaside gift shop. So instead we went into Birmingham City Centre for some urban photography and made a day of it. What fun! We must come back when the light’s better as we’ve marked some very nice locations.  Below are some images I took from the day’s urban photowalk.


A lovely lady enjoying the sun in Victoria Square


“He didn’t see me!!”


Lovely ladies walking towards Victoria Square


Two Japanese ladies posing at the fountain in Victoria Square


These lads are posing very nicely for a group photo in Victoria Square