About Me

Springbean.co.uk is the website of Martin Godfrey. He is an amateur photographer from Leicestershire. He is keen on landscape photography, but also takes images of gardens, people, sports and buildings. He will also post reviews on his travels, tutorials in photography workflow, blog and links to the better websites around the web. He started taking digital pictures in 2003. Martin says, “In the early days my first digital camera was a Canon Powershot A40. It was really just holiday snaps in those days, pretty basic stuff. I then moved onto a Konica Minolta A2. This was a really good camera and my first steps in taking better pictures. However my photography was limited to when I went on holiday. By the time I had decided to venture into the DSLR arena, my interest in photography really started to take off. My first purchase was a Nikon D50. It was a fairly good camera. However I experienced a problem with it and sent it away. They took too long to repair for my liking, so onto its return, I decided to sell and purchase a Sony A100. This really is a great level entry camera and still one of the best. My main subject interests are landscapes, seascapes, architecture and gardens. My favourite places to take pictures are Cornwall, North Norfolk, North Yorkshire and Northumberland. Cornwall has its rugged coastlines, North Norfolk with its big skies, North Yorkshire with its diversity between the Moors and its Coast and Northumberland with its historic castles and big beaches. Currently I posses a Canon EOS 5D/40D with Canon 17-40mm, Tamron 28-75mm, Sigma 105mm macro and Canon 70-300mm lenses along with a Metz flash. I am a member of the Earl Shilton Camera Club and Leicester Forest Photographic Society.”